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Update 12/12/10: Due to an influx of spam bots and spam posts, sad_statements is now moderated membership only.

Sad_statements is for those moments when you just can't hold back anymore, and have to burst out with whatever it is that is getting you down or makes you insanely pathetic. Want to out to the word that your cat died or that you spent the last forty eight hours trying to figure out why the lamp wasn't working, only to find it was unplugged? Go for it! As long as it's in a single, sentence, not a gramatical trash dump or radioactive in a horrible way, you can stick it here!

1) Entries must be in the form of a single declarative sentence (ending with a period or such. Exclamation points are allowed but no questions). This applies even if your statement is a direct quotation. Also they must start with the words "I'm sad because..." No exceptions. Comments don't have to follow this rule at all. Comments can be anything, as long as they do not violate Rule #2.

2) While saying negative things about other people or things is okay, slurring is not. Race, gender, color, orientation, religion, etc. are not acceptable topics or reasons for attack. Drama is tolerated. Solicitations are not.

3) Proper grammar and spelling are nice, but we aren't strict about it.

4) Tell the cool people on your friends list. There can never be too many sad statements.

Based on statements!
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